fotka #3 / 165, počet zobrazení : 705x

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15. 10. 2012  22:06:48JavierGreat stuff Matt! I really apeprciate you taking the time to make these tutorials. They teach, and inspire me! What more can you ask for?You are for sure one of my main influences when it comes to my development as an artist. I hope you know that. You know how people talk about Frank Frazetta and Syd Mead being huge influences to them? Well thats what you are for me. In the future when I'm asked about people I credit as being big influences on my art, you will be mentioned. It feels like you have indirectly mentored me :] . Big thanks!-ZaneP.s I love Frank Frazetta and Syd Mead. They have been big influences on me as well. I would say though, you have been more of a mentor. Its nice to be inspired and influenced by people you admire, but its even better when they are able to teach you!

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Exposure time
Exposure bias
ISO rating
Focal length
16 mm
Focal length (on 35mm film)
N/A mm
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