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27. 11. 2015  07:35:18TinaFirst, thank you for your programs and your eoffrt in having the programs every week. Afshin jan, I am agree with your opinion, in future, internet based TV providers (e.g. hulu and netflix) would be more prevalent than cable or dish services, though they wont vanish of course.About the Soheyla program, I have to say it would be better if she strengthen her argument with some statistic and numbers. Divorce is a hard to swallow fact in life, I would have like her program more, if she has narrated the reason of divorce with one anecdote or historic story. All in all it was good job.Best wishes,Mohammad In general Is it nice to have
15. 10. 2012  19:28:12PedroYour posting is abosultely on the point!
06. 08. 2012  06:35:02EmineDang it, I thought I had the beach balls under conrtol but obviously not.I thought the lines on the balls represented the possible fault orientations with the red quarters showing the primary motion of the quake (with the maximum force shooting off at 45b0 to the fault plane) but your suggested fault orientations don't agree with the lines on the ball. I must have got something wrong (in addition to being too simplistic )

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