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29. 04. 2014  11:26:25Afnanမ mie nge ...ဒ ဆ တ တ ပ ဗ Cheers..!!! ) စက ဘ စ တ က င ပမယ က ယ အသက အ ရ ယ က ထ ပ လ င တယ ဆ ရင တ အ ဇ န လ တ လည ပ က က မ ပ က ရ public trnopsart ပ စ တ က င တယ .. )Carrie ...Thanks for your comment! Yeah..I understand what you meant. I feel also sorry for not being able to attach Google Translator directly to my post. :Dအမ မ ခ သင ...ဗ လ အ န သ က န က ခန က စ င တ န န န န အခ င အ ရ လ န နင ပ မယ ဒ႐ င ဘ လည ႐ ဥ မ ... D လ လည တ အတ က ရ က န မန ႔ တ အတ က ပ က ဇ ပ အမ ရ...
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21. 09. 2013  13:16:18KimoCorey, I love the colors you used on this prjcoet. I wanted to also let you know how much I love your book. You are so clever shaping it the way you did. My daughter Bella just couldn't get enough of it and asked if I would make one for her with that shape that she could decorate. You knocked out my 6 year old. My girls are having there first slumber party. I think I need a vacation from my life this summer has been busy with lots of beach and keeping everyone Happy!!!! I also wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy. That's pretty exciting. Enjoy this time it goes by so fast. Your doing a great job of making beautiful memory books for Reliey. Once again I love your book you have such a wonderful look. Take care, amy
19. 09. 2013  01:42:01JoseHey Justin,I'd love to help you but I have no affiliation whoevaestr with courseware. Haven't actually checked into its progress in months.How did you arrive at the conclusion that I have anything to do with it?ovi recently posted..

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Exposure time
Exposure bias
ISO rating
Focal length
16 mm
Focal length (on 35mm film)
24 mm
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