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21. 09. 2013  09:40:27CharlyLisa, it was a lot of trial and error, but I set up the box to feather the light acrsos the subject. It's not quite at a 90* angle to the subject. It was quite an adjustment to realize I could move the light and not need to move the subject to the light. Rita, I most often shoot natural light indoors, but if I'm using my studio light, it's about relation of light to the subject. I try to set up the studio light at the same angles I would set up the light/subject if I was in my studio. Mommy's photography, I have a flash, but use it very seldom. Like, usually it's just if I'm taking pictures indoors of my kids. In my opinion, flash is best done off camera for best results, so I use the studio light. I have better results with the light/softbox than I do bouncing flash, so I do that. I have a flash, but it doesn't get used often, so I didn't mention it.
17. 09. 2013  20:42:06AddrienneI think you hit a buelslye there fellas!

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